Christmas Crypto-shopping Barcelona Style

By Payger Official Blog

Christmas is coming, isn’t it high time you treated yourself to a crypto-trip!

So you’ve spent all your money buying stuff you didn’t need on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Nevermind, some of it was cool, wasn’t it? Like that Darth Vader apron and oven glove! Now, the kids are writing their never-ending Christmas list for old Saint Nick. And whilst most people are saving their hard-earned crypto, perhaps for some, it is time to dip into that crypto-fund.

Most people know we can buy things on the Internet using cryptocurrency and for a while now there has been a number of ATMs that give out fiat (traditional currencies like Euros – for those just starting in this dimension) for your hard-earned cryptocurrency.

However, actually going into a shop and paying in cryptocurrency with your smartphone is still a seemingly unreachable goal for us crypto-enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, a recent deal between BBVA and Eurocoin has heralded a nexus between crypto and retail outlets. The news caused a sensation but according to El Periodico much of what was claimed in The Economist turned out to be fake news.

All rather disappointing, but in actual fact has maps showing where you can spend your crypto. I decided to check out the Barcelona one for myself. It has to be said, as you can imagine, retailers are, to say the least, limited. So much so, that if you click on the shopping option the map shows you a dental clinic – guys thanks for the map but a trip to the dentist is not my idea of shopping!

Not one to give up easily, I clicked the show all option and ploughed my way through crypto-retail world in Barcelona. Perhaps some like-minded soul will carry on the torch and shed light on other cities and with a bit of luck a trend may follow, even a ranking list.

So my fellow freakies here is my definitive guide to crypto-shopping in Barcelona.

Most people on the Iberian peninsula start the morning with a coffee, so let’s do that as it will give us the boost we need for our shopping spree.

First Stop Retrome Cafe & Lounge  at Carrer Girona 81, Barcelona.

Actually, you can stay there and it is better than staying Ramblas area, given the amount of pickpockets in the area. Losing your mobile when you are crypto-shopping is a non-starter.

The decor is relaxing and the hipster-retro vibe makes you feel funky and cool. You may even find yourself moonwalking the foyer!

As for the coffee, you can’t go wrong with a cafe con leche or ask for a cafe amb llet – if you want to be a real show-off, that is of course unless you are lactose-intolerant. In that case, it might all go horribly wrong.

If you want to look devine for your crypto-spree, start with Hi Beauty! (or maybe you need something to keep your partner occupied while you look for gadgets).

How about a portable crypto-currency converter? TicrThing is your place for that – it is always good to know what you are spending. However, this is not exactly the best neighbourhood to be wandering around with google maps navigating you, so check your route carefully before making your journey. At least because you are crypto-shopping you only have to hang on to your phone as the pick-pocketers won’t get your wallet if you don’t take it with you.

By now, you should be ready for lunch, next stop; Don Tomate  Despite the name of this establishment, this restaurant serves a delicious range of mediterranean dishes. Take your time here because there’s not much left on our itinerary.

With your stomach full head straight up Carrer del Comte D’Urgell and continue across Carrer Josep Tarradellas to Carrer Gelabert number 25 where you will find Naobi Joiers, a jewellery shop for something for your partner to go with his or her varnish nails – Hey! This is Barcelona

With almost all your crypto spent on that diamond necklace and earrings to match it is time to end this shopping frenzy (I told you it was limited!) and have a romantic evening with your partner who will be extremely grateful for his or her beauty treatment and diamonds. So you decide, is it back to Don Tómate for dinner? or perhaps you would prefer the room service of the Retrome Urban Retreat!

Whatever you decide and whether you decide to take the trip or not, from all of us here at Payger we wish you the merriest of Christmases and a New Year full of love and pleasant surprises!  

Best Wishes,

The Payger Team

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