Payger Newsletter December 2018

By Payger Official Blog

2018 is coming to an end and we have made great progress with the Payger Platform over this year. Looking back the last couple of months we have achieved a lot and we are proud of our results and progress in developing Payger further to the payment and messaging platform that it’s going to be.

With our latest Payger Wallet 1.0.428 release, we finished the integration of the Cryptobridge Bridge in the Payger Wallet for depositing and withdrawing coins. Payger Wallet Users are now able to deposit 1:1 Bitcoin into their Payger Account and will receive a Bridge.BTC in their accounts for free. No Deposit fees applied!

With the latest upgrade Payger Wallet 1.0.428 we are extending our functions and you can now deposit Bitcoin, LTC, Dash, Ether and many more 1:1 into your account. This is a big improvement over the last version, previously users had to convert their deposit BTC into BitCNY or BTS to top up their accounts. Now they can deposit BTC directly and receive the full value in their accounts!

We are now supporting in total 63 Tokens including multiple stablecoins. More coins will be added over time and on request. Moreover, we improved the contact list feature so transactions are easier for Payger users. We also did some bug fixing to give users the best experience managing their transactions and deposits with Payger.

Payments powered by Payger!

Try it yourself! We have created a demo online shop to showcase the Payger WooCommerce plugin. This store will be updated over the next couple of weeks and is for demonstration purposes only.

Our Outlook for 2019

Our plans for 2019 include to grow our user base and to onboard more and more e-commerce platforms and online shops. With the rise and adoption of new stable coins, we expect to see a strong growing demand for secure multi-currency platforms and simple to use blockchain payment systems. 

Through strategic partnerships with e.a. crypto wallets, Blockchain Events and crypto merchandise shops we are planning to continue growing the Payger brand over the next coming months. Our main focus for 2019 will be the growth of the global Payger community. Follow us on our social media channels for additional updates.

From the technical side, for 2019, we plan to develop additional Onlineshop and E-commerce plugins, to extend our developer API services and integrate new security features thanks to our partnership with Rivetz. In 2019 we also continue the development of the Payger Wallet V2 and the Payger App V1.

We leave you with a quick teaser of the new Payger Wallet V2 design, Merry Christmas and a happy new year. See you all in 2019.

Preview Payger Wallet V2

In summary, December has been another busy month for the Payger team and we are looking forward to your feedback, change requests and your first experience with the Payger Wallet. Write us a mail, join us at Telegram or visit us in Munich. We are looking forward to keeping in touch with you. Merry Christmas to you all!

Your Payger Team.

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