Go Dutch at The BitFest with Payger

By Payger Official Blog

Payger is all set to make a big splash in Amsterdam at the BitFest BitShares Conference which is being held on the 21st of September at the Tobacco Theatre.

Amsterdam in Fall

The Dutch are world-renowned for their business acumen, open-mindedness and egalitarian approach to work. A managing director and a cleaner are both “medewerkers” or co-workers in English.

Furthermore, their desire for a “gezellige” friendly, relaxed atmosphere make business with them enjoyable and this combined with their open-mindedness should make this BitShares event a resounding success.

Historically, the Dutch even invented the first multinational corporation in 1602 – The Dutch East India Corporation or Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie in Dutch which was financed by shares that led to the first modern stock exchange. It quickly gained a monopoly on Asian trade and imported spices in bulk to satisfy an insatiable demand in Europe. Naturally, they hiked the price up – owing to the Dutch expression “peperduur” meaning “as expensive as pepper”.

Nowadays, they are the kings of distribution and a class apart as middlemen. It is said that 40% of all international trucking in Europe is dutch operated and by importing chemicals to make fertilizer then heating immense greenhouses, they can grow flowers, fruit, and vegetables to sell around the world for a profit.

Ecologically, they are also making groundbreaking advances too. A Dutch teenager called Boyan Slat came up with an idea to clean up the plastic debris in the ocean six years ago. Today, his idea is a reality.

Let’s face it, if the Dutch are responsible for making everyone eat orange carrots – What are they NOT capable of?!

What better place then for Payger to make its debut. Payger is a new digital currency wallet that allows users to make and receive payments in the leading crypto currencies and stable coins that are pegged to the value of USD, CNY and EUR.

Payger merges the best technology in social messaging with instant payments that will enable you to trade effortlessly and share with your friends the best the best deals available.

On the topic of friends, remembering your friends birthdays is something Payger can do for you. Coincidentally, the Dutch consider this of great importance, apparently they even have calendars hung up on toilet doors to remind them.

Once you have remembered, you can even use Payger to “Go Dutch” on the cost of the present and politely remind other participants to pay up and as it is one of the few payment apps that is not associated with a bank account it is very cost-effective so everyone will have more money to spend on presents – How very Dutch!

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