How Payger makes crypto payment accessible for payment service providers and their merchants

By Payger Official Blog

With innovative payment solutions like mobile payment on the rise more and more online merchants continue to request new payment methods from their payment service providers so that they can increase their sales conversion and customer satisfaction.

Likewise, crypto payments with Bitcoin are growing year by year. In 2018, Bitcoin payments reached an estimate of three billion USD in transaction volume alone! With the increasing demands for processing Bitcoin and Ethereum payments, payment service providers (PSP) face new challenges.

Getting started with cryptocurrencies and blockchains can be difficult. Managing multiple types of cryptocurrencies is technically complicated, raises new cybersecurity threats for PSP and can be resource intensive. Not only does it require significant technical know-how, but the lack of it can lead to losing the cryptocurrencies forever.

These problems get solved through the unique Payger Wholesale API for financial institutions (FI). We provide crypto payment processing services for merchants and FI partners, including payment service providers, independent sales organizations (ISO) and merchant banks so that they can accept and process cryptocurrency payments in real-time – in-store and online.

With the Payger technology, financial institutions can now extend their existing payment gateways with a full range of new services, starting from

● cryptocurrencies payments and processing

● supporting microtransactions below $0.01 and QR-code payments

● an express checkout button for crypto on any site

● auditable and transparent transaction history

and more – while at the same time minimizing transactions costs, chargebacks and payment fraud significantly.

Payger’s integration process is as easy as these four steps: First, contact us at for an individual integration workshop, where we prepare the best-tailored solutions for you. Then, sign up for the Payger Wholesale API program. In the next step, you add the cryptocurrencies of your choice to your payment gateway before, lastly, onboard your merchants.

The benefits of using Payger become apparent when comparing our most important features with other payment providers like PayPal or more traditional institutions like Banks or when paying by card. Payger’s transactions costs are much lower than card and PayPal. And payments are settled instantly in seconds with high security that merchants get paid immediately – all while lowering payment fraud.

As of writing this article, Payger supports 63+ cryptocurrencies and a range of stablecoins including Tether, Circle USD, Gemini USD, PAX, BitUSD and many more.

With the focus on providing innovative crypto payment solutions for merchants and financial institutions, Payger offers a flexible toolkit for their partners and customers.







+ 1.5% MF
+ 0.77% FX

+ 2% MF
+ 1% FX

+ 3.5% MF
+ 4% FX

1% MF
+ 0.5% FX


2-3 days

2-3 days















Very High




Here is why stablecoins are the next big thing in crypto

While the demand for crypto payments is growing year by year, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dash are volatile and have become more and more speculative assets for most crypto users. Therefore, most cryptos are not suitable for payments on a day to day basis, since users will not want to take the risk to give away Bitcoins today when – in a few weeks – their value could double.

That is why we at Payger predict that in the future consumers will pay with stablecoins instead, which are designed to minimize the effects of price volatility by being pegged to real currencies, then paying with highly volatile currencies like Bitcoin. Payger will offer a broad range of stablecoins including Tether, Circle USD, Gemini USD, PAX, True USD, and BitUSD at the point of sale and online. By paying with stablecoins, consumers are saving time and money just by having the next generation of cryptocurrencies on their phones, leading to a much better shopping experience.

To ensure that our partners are equipped for the future, we provide an extensive Developer API, so that stable coin payments can be easily integrated into any website or platform. One of the first partners using the Payger Wholesale API is Net Element, a global technology-driven group specializing in mobile payments and value-added transactional services.

Paying with stablecoins through Payger will offer several benefits, like instant payment and settlement with stablecoins, the secure payout to merchants with no chargebacks and zero rolling reserves to non-custodial wallets with overall low merchant fees. Via our API and SDK (, stablecoins will be easy to integrate on any platform. Business can get settled in stablecoins like USDC, GUSD, TUSD, BitUSD and more.

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