Payger Newsletter November 2018

By Payger Official Blog

Another month with many exciting updates: We’re proud to inform you that we completed the implementation of our contact list feature. Now, you can save and manage a contact list with your closest friends and send them funds faster and easier. You do not need to ask for their wallet addresses anymore, just use their Payger-ID or email instead. When you start typing the recipient name on the transfer page, contacts from your contact list will begin appearing for easy selection. Additionally, the Payger Wallet will automatically add new contacts after each transaction to your contact list.

We’ve also made pin confirmation compulsory on every transaction. This pin request has been merged with the transaction confirmation modal to simplify the UX. With this feature, we are increasing the Payger Wallet security and prevent unauthorized access to your funds.

Last month, we explained how we integrated ZenDesk as our support tool to increase our customer support. Now we’ve added new features that help administrators in dealing with new registrations and onboarding of users. This will speed up the onboarding process for all new users and merchants.

Payments powered by Payger!

Try it yourself! We have created a demo online shop to showcase the Payger WooCommerce plugin. This store will be updated over the next couple of weeks and is for demonstration purposes only.

Payger Wallet improvements in November

We’ve also improved the connectivity and stability of the Payger Wallet with the blockchain payment layer. If the Payger Wallet would lose connection to our Payger witness nodes than Payger users would be unable to see his or her balances and would be unable to make transactions. During the next month, we will integrate the node hopping protocol which will ensure a constant connection to the global payment network and keep downtimes at a minimum.

Moreover, we are introducing Javascript lint rules that will help us clean up our web app code. We are also looking at the BIP-70 payment protocol. BIP-70 has been introduced by BitPay to add a global payment standard for Bitcoin payments. The BIP-70 will in comparison to the BIP-20 allow QR codes and URL to carry payment links including the amount and currency, allow a precheck of the correct amount and will reduce the risk of over and underpayment. The BIP-70 ensures that users are paying enough BTC mining fee and have typed in the correct amount before sending the BTC to deposit address. As a result, payment errors are reduced by over 95% and will create a better payment experience for Payger Users and Merchants that use the Payger WooCommerce Plugin. This protocol is supported by many cryptocurrency wallets already, and we think, it could be a great addition to the Payger Wallet. To make sure, that Payger users have the best possible experience, we are also planning to refactor the payment scanning job. This would reduce the time it takes for a transaction to appear in the user’s transaction list.

In summary, November has been another busy month for the Payger team and we are looking forward to your feedback, change requests and your first experience with the Payger Wallet. Write us a mail, join us at Telegram or visit us in Munich. We are looking forward to keeping in touch with you.

Best wishes from the Payger Team.

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