Payger Wallet Alpha Release!

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Munich, 21.05.2018 – Trusted Partner for the trade with digital currencies – Payger combines market expertise, security, and usability in a single application.

If you want to convince yourself of the clarity and ease of use of the Payger Wallet, you can test the payment features exclusively in the alpha version. The alpha test phase begins on 21.05.2018. Everyone who wants to keep up with the changing times and are interested in the new features of Payger can register at the following link: Registration

Digital currencies are trending

Digital currencies on the Internet are booming: In order to facilitate mobile payments with Bitcoin, Dash and Co. in the future, Christoph Hering announces his new payment system “Payger”. In addition to Bitcoin and Dash, Ether, BitShares, Litecoin and Steem can also be traded. An additional plus: As Bitcoin turns into an asset with increasing value, the importance of other digital currencies for everyday payments increases.

“Payger” – thew new digital web wallet for digital currencies

Here are 3 screenshots of the Payger Wallet.

Payger is a combination of mobile payment and social media platform, which is characterized by a particularly simple usability. With Payger, digital currency trading is even easier now. Users can transfer money in seconds, trade bitcoin against ether, and manage multiple digital currencies at the same time.
Payger focuses on a user-friendly handling of the private keys and has developed its own comprehensive password recovery tool. Users can therefore not only view and export their private keys at any time; in addition they have the option to reset their Payger user password and PIN.

Via SMS and e-mail notifications, all account activities such as transactions, logins or password updates are always kept in view – Payger users always know what’s happening in their account. The focus is on the comprehensive payment features: By means of the Payger Wallet, users can henceforth buy or sell digital currencies. In addition, Payger enables the sending and exchange of digital currencies. Payger users will soon be able to send invoices by e-mail and pay in digital currencies.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with a trusted partner for digital currency transactions and trading. With Payger, on the one hand, companies can offer digital currencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Ether and Co. as a payment option; on the other hand, customers can pay with the most popular digital currencies at the cash desk. With Payger, the handling of digital currencies will be further simplified and their importance in everyday life increased,” commented CEO Christoph Hering the launch of Payger.

Current Payger Wallet Features:

● Account Registration, including KYC
● Deposit / Withdraw of Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, Litecoin, Steem, BitShares
● Exchange of selected BitShares assets
● Transfer of assets
● Automatic notification for login, transfer, password change, etc.
●  Account recovery
● Value stamping
● Full transaction history export
● Tax report export

For more information, feedback and our progress stay in touch with us on our telegram:

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    Payger Wallet not yet available!

    Our developers work hard to launch the Payger Wallet as soon as possible for you. We are just weeks away for the first launch. Join now the early bird tester team and sign up here . You will be one of the first to try the new Payger wallet and get access to a new world of cryptocurrency wallets. We are looking for Talk to you soon!