Release of Payger version 1.0.425

By Payger Official Blog

The development of Payger continues with giant strides. The development team is reporting significant advances in design, usability, and functionality. You can find out which things are new in this blog here.

Adding new functions to the Payger Wallet

Payger currently supports 51 digital currencies, including Bitcoin, BitShares, as well as stable coins for US Dollars and Euros and Chinese Renminbi. The most popular cryptocurrencies outside of the BitShares realm, such as Ethereum, Dash, and Steem, are now highlighted with icons. That gives users a better overview.

The Payger Wallet supports up to 51 different digital currencies

Moreover, we implemented a currency filter to our dashboard and balance page. This feature can be used to filter out currencies users don’t want to see, and changes are saved from page to page and session-to-session. This will help users to keep their wallets clean and to focus on their favorite digital currencies. New users are starting with the default set of digital currencies including BTC, BTS, USD, CNY, EUR.

Besides supporting a broad range of digital currencies, Payger offers special functions for merchant’s accounts. Also, our developers have worked hard on improving the backend API. This now ensures that all payment features such as payment status, payment transaction, add type to transaction history, initiate payment, balance service, payment update or payment work smoothly.

Improving the user experience

Best-in-class user-friendliness is ensured by the enhanced Payger design and new operating aids. For example, developers have provided the login process with a wizard that guides users through checking their accounts. Also, many other enhancements and bugfixes simplify the use of Payger on smartphones and tablets. For example, it is also possible to transfer identification documents to Payger for the account verification.

On top of that, the developers have implemented new notification modes for the Payger Wallet. Users can now choose to stay up-to-date with the latest Wallet notifications and/or email or SMS. Last but not least, it is now possible to invite friends to Payger, so that the community grows faster. Why not give it a try?

Version: Beta 1.0.425
Release Date: 20.08.2018


● User onboarding
● New currency icons
● Invite friends to Payger
● Currency filters
● Merchant accounts


● Page context – added to all pages to improve navigation
● New email/SMS notifications – Received money, security questions change, pin change
● Copyright information to app footer
● Improved experience on smaller screens – responsiveness of some components
● Added additional security fields to user accounts – date of birth
● Error pages to catch misspelled URLs
● Improved Pin controller’s UX
●  Add ability to change personal details due to changes of circumstances


●  Fixed issue that prevented mobile users from uploading ID and address verification images
●  Fixed issue on withdrawing page where users were not notified about minimum amount limit
● Fixed issue where spaces were allowed in usernames
● Fixed issue where birthday would change depending on the user’s time zone
● Fixed issue where total on Dashboard was different than total on Balance page due to a rounding issue
● Fixed issue where the user couldn’t proceed onboarding steps if on IE11
● Fixed issue where system notifications would reappear when a user logged in again
● Fixed issue where progress bar would loop indefinitely when the sessions were expired
● Fixed issue where transfers would be shown as deposits in the notification drop-down
● Fixed issue where Asian languages were not being saved properly

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