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Why passing up potential costumers or business partners? With the increasingly growing blockchain market more and more people rely on cryptocurrencies, web wallets or apps for payment systems on their phones. As a brand new multi currency payment platform Payger is not only the answer to the needs of the Digital World, it is simply faster, safer and way more cost effective than traditional bank transfers or credit cards. Payger may serve you as a complete payment solution, or you add it as an extra payment tool to your existing website. It is smart and highly efficient, and it is just right for your business. Build exciting new businesses and use the Payger payment engine to the fullest – all-inclusive open 24/7.

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Get paid  however you
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On your website

Accept Payger and crypto payments on your website and use our fully customized online solution for any checkout procedures.

In person

Accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steem or others within seconds at the checkout through scanning customized QR-Codes.

With online invoicing

Create and send customized invoices using templates. With just a few clicks your customers can pay easily. The money will be with you in no time at all.

Benefits of your
Payger Wallet

Find out why thousands of customers
want to pay with Bitcoin and Ethereum

Safer and better protected

With our seller protection and advanced fraud screening, we can protect your business. So you can focus on the things that matter most.

Preferred by customers

Payger is the smart choice. Millions of new users are just waiting to pay using digital currencies. Use the potentials for your store.

Simple to integrate

Because we see beauty in simplicity, the integration of Payger works with just a few lines of code, on all leading eCommerce platforms.

Easy and convenient

Customers just need an email address and password or mobile number and PIN to pay quickly and securely.

Truly global

Access a whole world of customers. Welcome new customers from around the world, transfer, exchange and more – we got you covered.

Reduce risks and costs

Reduce chargebacks, rolling reserves and high fees thanks to blockchain technologies.

Your Payger account
in 4 simple steps

Set up your business account.

Choose the currencies you would like to accept.

Integrate Payger with the help of a partner, developer, or do it yourself.

Start accepting digital currencies from around the world.

We’re accepting the following currencies
And are open for more to come

Compare our rates to others.
Save costs every single day.

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Payger Wallet not yet available!

Our developers work hard to launch the Payger Wallet as soon as possible for you. We are just weeks away for the first launch. Join now the early bird tester team and sign up here . You will be one of the first to try the new Payger wallet and get access to a new world of cryptocurrency wallets. We are looking for Talk to you soon!