Our Roadmap for the Payger Ecosystem

Our Vision at Payger is to accelerate the transition to the blockchain based digital economy. Following our passion we developed the growing Payger Ecosystem and are happy to share our roadmap for the next coming months.

April 2018

In April we worked on the integration of the blocktrades bridge, improved the exchange feature with the BitShares Decentralized Exchange and solved some bugs around the transaction history.

Launch Payger Wallet v1 85%
Payger Forum 100%
Payger Social Media Channels 100%

Mai 2018

Account Registration, including KYC 100%
Deposit / Withdraw via Blocktrades.us 100%
Exchange of selected BitShares assets 100%
Transfer of assets via Payger-ID 100%
Automatic notification for login, transfer, password change, etc. 100%
Account recovery 100%
Value stamping backend 100%
Full transaction history export 100%
Payger integration with BitShares Blockchain 100%

In Mai we focused on extensive bug fixing and some UI/UX updates before the first release of the Payger Wallet alpha version. May 21th 2018 we released the first Payger Wallet.

June 2018

In June we focus on further bug fixing and improving the stability of the Payger Wallet. This month we are working on the invite friend feature and improving the on boarding process. 

Further we started working on the first wireframes for the Payger App for Android and iOS.

Improve Onboarding and KYC
in progress 60%
Invite Friends via E-mail
in progress 50%
Merchant Tools v1
in progress 65%
UI/UX development for Payger App v1
in progress 10%

July 2018

Full KYC via Partner
in progress 20%
Add/remove contacts from friends list
in progress 0%
Merchant Tools v1
in progress 0%
UI/UX development for Payger App v1
in progress %

In July we plan to integrate a KYC partner into the Payger Wallet to reduce the on boarding process to a few minutes. Further we planning to add a contact list feature to add and remove other Payger users.

August 2018

Detailed August roadmap will be announced soon.

Full KYC via Partner
in progress 20%
Payger Whitepaper pre-release
in progress 75%

Winter 2018

We are working on some exciting news for Q4 2018. You want to learn more? Want to help us to accelerate the transition to the digital economy then join our telegram and our forum for latest updates and feedback.

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Payger Wallet v2
in progress 10%
Payger App v1 for Android and iOS
in progress 10%
Payger Ecosystem
in progress 25%

Payger Wallet not yet available!

Our developers work hard to launch the Payger Wallet as soon as possible for you. We are just weeks away for the first launch. Join now the early bird tester team and sign up here . You will be one of the first to try the new Payger wallet and get access to a new world of cryptocurrency wallets. We are looking for Talk to you soon!